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More than 30 years of work and experience in the tourism field and continue dabbling, promoted and developed several of the many attractions of the city and the department of Potosi, so we are sure to be at the forefront as a pioneer of tourism in the South of the country.

Our staff, mainly experts guides and drivers, renowned in the activity, support the wide degree of customer satisfaction with which we characterize us in recent years.

Mobilities specially prepared for the region, including with model year to meet the demands, needs and comforts of each of our and your customers and passengers.

We have improved our flagship products, as well as, we have deleted some who have risen much their costs and / or were quoted very little to make this manual more practical and effective.

We have 3 hotels in the area, which form the chain "Hotels Rústicos Gardens" and that estánconstruidos raw material places to give these a style in keeping the plateau landscape, in addition to the central concalefacción and / or electrical to provide within such a fine and friendly atmosphere; we also have banks of the majestic and impressive Salar de Uyuni; the Hotel & Spa "Salt Palace", the first hotel in the world built entirely of salt and for this reason was seleccionadoentre the most unusual hotels in the world by the magazine News Week Japanese edition (May 98) as among the TOP 10 travel and adventure magazine TRAVEL AND LEISURE (Nov 98), "100 Hotels - Great Escapes" a Taschen Publication (December 2000). Or, finally, among the 6 most unusual in the world in the magazine NOX and that within this area you will have a unique and special atmosphere on the planet; so with our packages, your passengers estánen our hands from start to finish.

With some modifications and improvements in the circuits, we are presented the manualque zer present will be in effect from 2011.